Products and Services

SMT Assembly

  • Full automatic in - line system composed of following devices: PCB buffer, DEK ELA printer
  • TOPAZ X-II ASSEMBLEON pick and place machine, MG-1R ASSEMBLEON pick and place machine, ELEKTROVERT BRAVO 8105 reflow oven, PCB buffer
  • The whole system is interconnected by in-li conveyers
  • STANDALONE dispenzer CAMALOT 3800
  • Devices for automatic inspection: AOI MIRTEC MV-3L
  • Capacity of automatic line: 40 000 components per hour
  • Minimal pitch: 0,4 mm
  • Component package size 0201- BGA components
  • Single-sided and double-sided surface mount technology ( SMT ) assembly via soldering paste or SMT glue
  • Manual or automatic component placement on rigid or flexible PCBs
  • Reflowing or hardening via reflow ovens with conventional or infra - red heating
  • Special testing and repairing devices for SMT area
  • Precise monitoring and documenting of reflow temperature profiles in reflow ovens

THT Assembly

  • Manual placement and final assembly PCBs, manual and wave soldering, testing
  • Parts of system for automotive industry
  • Complete manufacturing of an electronic equipment
  • Building of special electrical and electronic assemblies ( VPS, BOX Building )
  • Testing and debugging of electronic assemblies and equipment

Electronics manufacturing services (EMS)

  • Engineering services (Design for manufacturing, Design for test )
  • Supply Chain Services ( Key supplier Partnership, Best BOM Comparsion )
  • NPI/Prototyping ( Dedicated materials management, Manufacturability assessment, Quick turn prototypes )
  • Assembly and Fulfillment ( Advanced high - level assembly, configuration management for “built to order” requirements, international shipment and logistic support )
  • Sustaining services ( Warranty depot service repair, Quality report and lot traceability )